Kosteas | Caramel Liqueur

Kosteas | Caramel Liqueur

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Kosteas caramel liqueur is made in Greece (Kalamata). Kosteas distillery is a local, family-owned company in the spirits industry that was founded in Kalamata in 1962.

Caramel Likeraki is a toffee - flavored liqueur that has a a rich butter aroma paired with a warm, strong taste of caramel. With a dense and creamy texture, this toffee liqueur has a spicy aftertaste of coffee and almond. 

Enjoy it ice-cold , with a few grains of coarse salt, add it to your coffee for extra flavor or create an impressive Apple Caramel Martini.

Available in bottle sizes: 50ml and 500ml

Alc./vol.: 17% 

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