Kosteas | Ouzo premium
Kosteas | Ouzo premium
Kosteas | Ouzo premium

Kosteas | Ouzo premium

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Kosteas ouzo premium is made in Greece (Kalamata). Kosteas distillery is a local, family-owned company in the spirits industry that was founded in Kalamata in 1962.

Kosteas Ouzo premium is so popular in Greece because of its aromatic herbs based on anise, Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) and water, make up the traditional recipe of the Kosteas Company.

Served with ice or cold water. It is kept at room temperature. Do not put it in the fridge.

Choose among the ouzo premium bottle, the limited edition bottle for the 60 years anniversary of ouzo and the ouzo aperitif.

Available in 500ml | 700ml (ouzo aperitif)

Alc./vol.: 41% 

Shipping in United States of America and some European Countries is not allowed

ATTENTION : This product is NOT allowed to be shipped in all countries. Please follow the link for the International Alcohol Shipping Guide.

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