Organic Face Tonic Lotion
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Organic Face Tonic Lotion

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Organic Face Tonic Lotion with Olive Oil & Wild Herbs Extracts

Organic Face Tonic Lotion stimulates and revitalizes the skin with rich biological & natural drastic ingredients with increased efficacy.

Contains high-quality organic extracts of Organic Mountain Tea and Cretan wild herb Diktamo from the mountains of Crete, Organic Olive Oil, Chamomile and Aloe vera which provide superior antioxidant properties, also moisturizes and refreshes tired skin.

Contains Ribose that oxygenates directly and tones the skin and pro-vitaminB5 that hydrates and refreshes tired skin. The face is refreshed and regains its lost luster and youthfulness.

Apply an adequate amount on face and massage gently with your handsor a piece of cotton. Do not rinse.

100% Organic Certified by ICEA


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