Age Defence Face Cream
Age Defence Face Cream

Age Defence Face Cream

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Age defence face cream with organic mulberry and mastic

Effective synthesis of biological extracts for the intensive reconstruction of the signs of aging caused by time on the face and neck. Powerful anti-aging agents and the combination of tetrapeptides and tripeptides cause the skin to immediately tighten and shrink the entire surface of the wrinkles. The active herbal complexes significantly improve the elasticity of the skin and give a velvety texture. 

The active stem cells complex of 4 herbs prolongs the longevity of cells, renews and enhances cell proliferation. Active antioxidants protect against the harmful effects of free radicals, oxidative stress and UV radiation that cause premature aging. Organic mulberry and mastic oil improve the overall appearance of the face and neck. They give brightness, freshness and provide protection from air pollutants. No additional chemical aroma as Chios Mastic flavors the cream naturally.

Without: parabens, colors, propylene glycol, allergens, mineral oil, alcohol, animal by-products, petrolatum, paran wax, ethanolamines, sles, sls, retinol, animal testing, gmo

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED / for all skin types

50 ml 

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