Axion Esti | Organic Honey with Thyme
Axion Esti

Axion Esti | Organic Honey with Thyme

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It is the result of a responsible ecological production of thyme honey with a high concentration of thyme pollen. It comes from the area of ​​Mycenae, very close to the ancient acropolis, a place full of history and rich flora. We strategically placed our hives in the wider mountain area, aiming at delivering this excellent honey.
With the opening of each jar you instantly feel the rich aroma and in every drop, its full flavor, identifies it as purely thyme honey. We offer this honey with great emotion as well, as the label depicts the man who inspired and embraced love in our hearts for the bees.

Product of Organic Farming | Area of Harvest: Mycenae

Harvest Time:


Available in 100gr, 250gr, 450gr & 800gr

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