Axion Esti | Organic Honey with Thyme & Forest
Axion Esti

Axion Esti | Organic Honey with Thyme & Forest

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Organic forest honey and thyme is collected by bees at the beginning of summer, when the thyme blooms together with other wild flowers of the season. This mixing gives the honey its intense aroma, its bright yellow-orange color with reddish hues and the rich and sweet taste that characterizes it and lingers in the mouth for a long time. Thyme honey is soothing and promotes sleep. It is unique in its kind, it does not exist anywhere in the whole world, while its content in the enzyme dimension, ranks it among the best varieties of honey worldwide. Every spoonful is loaded in nutrients and ingredients of a complete diet.

Product of Organic Farming | Area of Harvest: Mycenae

Harvest Time:


Available only in 100gr, 250gr, 450gr

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