Coin Bracelet with Garnet
Coin Bracelet with Garnet
Coin Bracelet with Garnet
Dimitris Karalis

Coin Bracelet with Garnet

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Handmade coin bracelet with 5 different double – face ancient coins (10 figures in one bracelet) by Greek Designer.

The coins from right to left depict:

-Ancient Greek Rhodian tetradrachm with the head of Sun god with perimeter rays on the obverse and inscription “ΡΟΔΙΟΝ” (RODION) with a rose on the reverse. Circa 229 – 205 BC

-Ancient Greek tetradrachm from Macedonia with the head of Hercules, wearing the head of the lion of Nemea on the obverse and inscription "ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ" (ALEXANDROU) with Hercule’s weapons on the reverse. Circa 327 – 324 BC

- Archaic coin with the head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet decorated with griffin on the obverse and inscription “ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΥΡΡΟΥ” (VASILEOS PYRROU), with Nike of Samothrace advancing left, holding wreath and trophy on the reverse. The depiction of Nike crowning, erecting or holding a trophy of battle, highlighted the military successes kings (King Pyrros). Circa 323 – 317 BC

-Archaic coin of Macedonia with the head of Alexander the Great, with the horn of Ammon, above his ear on the obverse and inscription "ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ " (VASILEOS LYSIMAXOY) with Athena goddess, leaning on a shield decorated with a lion's head, holding the Nike goddess, sending the king's message on the reverse. Circa 281 – 279 BC

-Archaic coin of Korinthos with the effigy of Athena on the obverse and olive sprig, owl and "ΑΘΕ" (ATHE), initials of Athens on the reverse. Circa 520 - 490 BC

Among the coins you can see Hercules knot ("Irakleion amma") that signifies the connection of life with death through the connection that Hercules achieves between them (Hercules was demigod).

Silver 925 Gold Plated in 24k with Garnet the bracelet | Silver 1000 the coins

Bracelet length: 18.5cm | Diameter of coins: 1.5cm

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