Cretan Harvest | Olive Oil
Cretan Harvest | Olive Oil
Cretan Harvest

Cretan Harvest | Olive Oil

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This lovely koroneiki extra virgin olive oil is produced in the small village of Neo Chorio, in the area of Apokoronas in Crete. This variety of olive tree bears very small fruits which produce olive oil of premium quality known for its flavor and fruity aromas. The unique taste and exceptional quality comes from the unique rocky and dry soil as well as the dry and sunny climate. Every autumn at Cretan Harvest the olives are carefully and lovingly picked, with only the best olive fruits selected. These olives are collected at the optimal stage of maturation in order to achieve the best aromatic qualities possible and to maximize the nutritionally beneficial components of the oil, including high levels of polyphenols.

The result of this process is Cretan Harvest premium extra virgin olive oil. It is a top quality extra virgin olive oil with excellent organoleptic characteristics which is rated as fruity, balanced and of medium intensity. Its aromatic signature shows notes of green fruit, grass and almond which combine to give a beautifully complex oil with perfect harmony. This was recognized when it won a Gold Award at the 2019 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition!

Cretan Harvest has excellent organoleptic characteristics and is rated as fruity, balanced and of medium intensity. Its harmonious and complex aromatic signature is composed of green fruit, grass and almond.

Available in glass package: 250ml, 500ml


Olive Oil from Crete Koroneiki variety cold extraction (2 glass packages 500ml & 250ml)

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