Cretan Harvest | Organic Olive Oil (Koroneiki Variety)
Cretan Harvest | Organic Olive Oil (Koroneiki Variety)
Cretan Harvest

Cretan Harvest | Organic Olive Oil (Koroneiki Variety)

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Organic single variety extra virgin high quality olive oil produced from olives of the Koroneiki variety. It is produced in the area of ​​Apokoronas in Crete. A semi-mountainous area where the cultivation of olives and the processing of olive oil has been taking place for thousands of years.

In this area we collect olives from exclusively certified organic olive groves. On the same day, the olive oil is extracted using the cold pressing process. In this way, both its aromas and its beneficial characteristics are preserved unchanged.

Each batch produced is sent for chemical testing to an independent accredited laboratory. A process which allows us to exclude even accidental contamination from adjacent non-organic farms. So we are always sure that every drop of Koroneiki Variety Organic olive oil is free from substances that are not allowed in organic farming. An olive oil whose production contributes to the protection of the environment, people and animals, through sustainable agriculture.

Flavor characteristics

Koroneiki Variety Organic is characterized as fruity and balanced. Its aromas show notes of herbs, green banana and olive leafs while the whole is characterized by harmony.

Organoleptic analysis: Multichrom LAB (Approved by the International Olive Oil Council)

Fruity: 4.0 | Bitter: 2.8 | Pungent: 3.9

Available in glass package: 500ml

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