Meligyris | Cretan Honey Lemon & Orange Blossoms

Meligyris | Cretan Honey Lemon & Orange Blossoms

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100% Greek Cretan honey with Lemon & Orange tree blossoms

Organic certified honey, harvested from the noblest herbs of the Cretan flora: savory, thyme, malotira (sideritis syriaca), ebenos (ebenus cretica) and other brushwood.

Harvest Time:

It is light in color, full-bodied, with flowery aromas.

Nutritional Value:
A honey of high nutritional value and strong antioxidant activity!

Serving Tips:
A delicious breakfast honey! Use it as a topping for yoghurt and ice cream or enjoy it with roasted nuts.

It is prized with Great Taste Award 2014.

Available in 270gr & 450gr

The packaging may differ

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