Mini Eye Tag Stone Bracelet

Mini Eye Tag Stone Bracelet

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A handmade bracelet consists of semiprecious stones

18K silver 925
Eye size: 1x1.5cm
Total length: 20-28cm 


Barbóra’s mini eye tag talisman with the three knots along is designed to protect the wearer against evil eye charging him with good vibes! This is an allegorical idea blending the eye charm, the number 3 (3 knots) as a common triangular belief in many cultures and the knot praying way with each knot to have a unique wish for the receiver!

The belief of the evil eye dates back to Greek Classical antiquity with references by Hesiod, Plutarch, Plato and many others poets and authors. It is though a widely belief among many cultures around the world. These talismans or amulets were created to protect against the evil eye.

*Available in different semiprecious stones with tag eye or mini round eye

Available only with diamond chain

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