Natural Soy Candle
Natural Soy Candle
Natural Soy Candle
Natural Soy Candle

Natural Soy Candle

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A wonderful candle made from 100% soy wax, a wooden wick and a handmade ceramic jar in 4 different smells!

Packed in the most special paper bag, which can be washed and reused or use it as a cosmetic bag! Apply a little wax while it burns to moisturize your hands and your body. 

Soy wax has proven to emit 50% less harmful soot than other candles. It can also be used while burning as a hand cream or massage oil as it is dermatological tested.

Burning instructions: Cut the wick to 0.5 cm before you light it. Only light the candle on a flat, fire-resistant surface. Keep candle surface clean of matches and foreign objects to avoid sharp
flashes. Do not use water or liquids to extinguish it. Always extinguish the wax with a cover. Do not blow the flame.


- Bittersweet Almond

- Dark Resin

- Fig

- Pomegranate

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