Pink Clay mask

Pink Clay mask

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Pink clay and activated charcoal form this super delicate face mask that is suitable for dry, sensitive or mature skin.

It eliminates toxins from the skin while providing its minerals. Leaves skin with a sense of freshness and clean. It makes it easier for your beauty products to get absorbed. It is greatly combined with our Orange toning mist and Nourishing facial oil due to its antioxidant properties and protect skin from dryness.

Ingredients: Red French Argiletz Clay, Kaolinite, Activated Carbon

HOW TO USE: Mix a tsp of the powder with a liquid of your preference such as yoghurt, infused herbs, cucumber water etc. and apply on face. Leave it for no more than 8 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


Suitable for dry/sensitive skin types.
Use 1 time per week.


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