Poly Kala | Gooseberry Liqueur
Poly Kala | Gooseberry Liqueur
Poly Kala | Gooseberry Liqueur
Poly Kala

Poly Kala | Gooseberry Liqueur

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Greek traditional recipes of smoothy liqueurs from Kefalonia Island.

Three-month improvement period in oak barrels offers the unique aroma.

Polykalas Distillery offers the knowledge, love and passion, separates one by one the aromas, and blends them together in a celebration of taste.

It is served as an aperitif and a digestive after a rich meal. The redberries offer their deep red unique aroma. We recommend it with crushed ice, in cool cocktails or as an extract in pastries (e.g. cheesecake)

Available in bottle sizes: 100ml, 200ml and 700ml

Alc./vol.: 21%

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