Poly Kala | Lemon Liqueur
Poly Kala

Poly Kala | Lemon Liqueur

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Searching the secret recipe books of the great grandfather Polykalas, we came across an historic discovery for our family.

Polykalas House originates from the upper noble class of the island of Kefalonia, and many family members had studied in Pàdova, Italy, in early Renaissance, with family titles recorded in the famous Libro d’Oro della Nobiltà Italiana.
There, it starts the story of the recipe of Lemon Liqueur , which according to the writings of the great grandfather it comes from a noble lady of Padua, famous for her outstanding talent in the food and liqueur production, including the Lemon Liqueur.

With a sparkling flavour that awakens the senses, the “Polykalas Lemon Liqueur, 1897 Collection” is a sweet and palatable liqueur made of lemon peel beverage that highlights its refined aromas in the most enjoyable way.

Enjoy it as a refreshing aperitif and as a complement in your favorite cocktail, or use 1 tbsp. in your Lemon Pie.

Available in bottle sizes: 100ml, 200ml and 500ml

Alc./vol.: 21%

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