Roots | Mastic Liqueur
Roots | Mastic Liqueur
Roots | Mastic Liqueur
Roots | Mastic Liqueur

Roots | Mastic Liqueur

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A craft liqueur with Chios Mastic in a centuries old recipe from Greece.

An aromatic voyage to the Greek island of Chios, the only place the fabled mastic resin (mastiha) tree grows, distilled to enticing perfection. Known since the 5th century BC, Chios mastic (mastiha in greek) has been referred to by notables like Herodotus and Hippocrates for its beneficial and digestive properties & unique taste. Once worth its weight in gold, it has been used throughout the Roman, Ottoman and again the modern times as an exotic delicacy.

Elegant and clean scent shaping an overall softening and refreshing smell; subtle lavender and coconut mouthfeel, with the unique Mastic smell being prevalent. Unique & apparent mastic flavor.

Also, available the Black mastic limited edition.

Available in bottle sizes 50ml, 350ml and 700ml | The Black mastic only in 700ml

Alc./vol.: 24% | 40% (Black Mastic)

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