Symbeeosis | Greek Organic Mountain Tea Flowers
Symbeeosis | Greek Organic Mountain Tea Flowers
Symbeeosis | Greek Organic Mountain Tea Flowers
Symbeeosis | Greek Organic Mountain Tea Flowers

Symbeeosis | Greek Organic Mountain Tea Flowers

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Greek Organic Mountain Tea & Mint

Tonic for you, awakens the senses thanks to the unique aroma of flowers. Tonic for the planet, thanks to zero environmental footprint from field to cup. Naturally caffeine-free.

Description: A unique blend for a deeply enjoyable beverage. When you first open the container, your senses are flooded with the aromas of nature from the slopes of Mount Olympus – a bouquet of mountain tea flowers harvested by hand, just as if you picked them yourself. With no unnecessary processing from its natural environment to your cup, maintaining intact its natural nutritional and aromatic characteristics. A product that has minimal impact on the environment, since after use it can be fully re-assimilated without special procedures – from nature to cup and back to nature, with almost zero environmental footprint. This exceptional beverage has important antioxidant and tonic properties; it enhances the memory and the immune system and alleviates cold symptoms

Origin: The mountain tea selected for this blend is Sideritis scardica that grows on Mount Olympus. Its medicinal properties were known since antiquity: the name “Sideritis” [= of iron] was used for all plants that were believed to cure wounds inflicted by iron swords. Olympus, the mythical residence of the Ancient Greek gods, is also a rare ecosystem. It is a paradise of diverse and unique flora: home to over 1500 plant species, it includes areas where almost all plant life is locally endemic. The region is a protected national park and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, ranked among the most prized in the world in terms of flora. Mountain tea is grown with the latest organic methods, combining respect for the natural environment with ideal cultivation practices. Cultivating plants in areas where they grow wild does not disturb the local ecosystem and yields a mountain tea with distinct nutritional and flavor properties.

Uses: Hot beverage: Heat 250 ml water to 95°C. Steep the pyramid for 3-5 minutes. Ideally, cover the cup to preserve the tea’s aromas and active ingredients. Then remove the pyramid and, if you wish, add Symbeeosis honey or stevia.

Cold beverage: Prepare like a hot beverage but with half the water, then add cold water or ice. 

Tip: To make your beverage stronger, use less water per pyramid. To make it lighter, use more.

Recipe: A refreshing pitcher with rich flavor and antioxidant elements. Fresh fruit add their freshness and aromas. Ideal throughout the day.

Ingredients: 4-5 Greek Organic Mountain Tea Flowers sprigs, 2 fresh mint sprigs, fresh wild berries or fruit of your choice

Method: In a pitcher, add 3 cups of water and 5 Greek Organic Mountain Tea Flowers sprigs. Keep covered in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. Remove the mountain tea flower sprigs from the pitcher before serving. Strain and serve in a glass with the fresh mint sprigs and the wild berries or other fruit of your choice. 

Be symbiotic:

You may add Symbeeotic honey or stevia. Combine with Greek Organic Herbs Chamomile for relaxation in the afternoon, or with Greek Organic Herbs Mint for a great start to your day.

DIY ideas: Combine toning and hydration throughout your day. In a bottle of water, add a mountain tea sprig or loose flowers. Create your own refreshing flavored water to accompany any activity – at home, at work, or when exercising

Available in 25gr (Contains 25g of organic mountain tea flowers (Sideritis scardica))

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