Symbeeosis | Organic Mountain Tea Trinity
Symbeeosis | Organic Mountain Tea Trinity
Symbeeosis | Organic Mountain Tea Trinity
Symbeeosis | Organic Mountain Tea Trinity

Symbeeosis | Organic Mountain Tea Trinity

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Greek Organic Mountain Tea Trinity

Tonic for you, boosts the immune system and memory. Tonic for the planet, thanks to low-impact organic farming. Fortified with the active dry extract from 3 mountain tea varieties to enhance its action. Naturally caffeine-free

Description: Renowned since ancient times for its beneficial properties, mountain tea is a precious gift of Greek nature. Traditionally brewed as a beverage, favored throughout the centuries for its delicious taste, earthy aroma, and noteworthy beneficial effects on health and well-being. Trinity combines 3 distinct types of mountain tea into one exceptional blend that offers an immediate energy boost, plus relief from cold symptoms. Make mountain tea a part of your daily wellness ritual and benefit from its antioxidant and anti-aging properties, enhanced memory function, and a stronger immune system.

For this special blend, we chose the 3 varieties of mountain tea with the most significant bioactive properties: Sideritis scardica, Sideritis perfoliata, Sideritis raeseri. Furthermore, it is enriched with their active dry extract, enhancing its antioxidant action. The patented extraction method for this specific active dry extract mixture guarantees its powerful antioxidant properties.


Origin: Trinity is made with 3 selected varieties of mountain tea: Sideritis scardica known as Olympus tea, Sideritis perfoliata subsp. perfoliata, and Sideritis raeseri subsp. raeseri or Parnassos tea. All three are grown on Mount Olympus, the mythical residence of the Ancient Greek gods, but also an invaluable ecosystem. Olympus is a paradise of diverse and unique flora: home to over 1500 plant species, it includes areas where almost all plant life is locally endemic. The region is a protected national park and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, ranked among the most prized in the world in terms of flora. This is where we get our mountain tea, grown with contemporary organic practices and with respect for the environment. The region’s ideal natural conditions, our innovative farming practices, and an approach focused on working with nature rather than exploiting it, produce a mountain tea with exceptional nutritional and flavor properties.


- Ingredients: 3-4 Greek Organic Mountain Tea Trinity pyramids, fresh seasonal fruit in slices, a few drops of freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh mint sprigs

Method: In a pitcher, add 3 cups of water, 3 or 4 Greek Organic Mountain Tea Trinity pyramids, and the fresh mint leaves. Keep it covered in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. Before serving, remove the pyramids from the pitcher. Serve your iced tea in a glass with the freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh mint sprigs.

A refreshing, antioxidant beverage to invigorate the body with fresh fruit flavors and the sweetness of vanilla. Ideal for summer mornings.

- Ingredients: 1 Greek Organic Mountain Tea Trinity pyramid, 1 vanilla bean, 1 tsp Symbeeosis thyme honey (optional), fresh berries or peaches

Method: In half a cup of hot water, steep the Mountain Tea Trinity pyramid and the vanilla bean. If you wish to add honey, now is the time, before the water cools down. Leave the pyramid and the vanilla in the water for 10 minutes, preferably with the cup covered. Then, remove the pyramid and add cold water. Serve in a glass over ice with the vanilla and fresh fruit.

Be symbiotic: Add a spoonful of Symbeeosis honey or stevia to taste.

DIY ideas: Reuse the packaging to store herbs or tea, or as a pot for aromatic plants to decorate your kitchen and spice up your recipes.

Available in 21gr (15 pyramids (1,4g) of a mixture of 3 organic mountain tea varieties (Sideritis scardica, Sideritis perfoliata, Sideritis raeseri), fortified with active dry extract of 3 mountain tea varieties.)

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