Volcano Black Detox Soap
Volcano Black Detox Soap

Volcano Black Detox Soap

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Augusta and Avaton black detox soap with volcanic water extract, active carbon and almond oil 

Containing Volcanic Water, Activated Carbon, Olive – Calendula – Almond Oil and Sepitonic M3 (a synergy of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium), the Augusta or the Avaton Black Detox Soap gives an amazingly deep clean. The skin is oxygenated as the soap's minerals and trace elements are absorbed, revealing a fresh, toned and balanced complexion.

  • Deeply cleansing & detoxifying
  • Oxygenates skin & increases blood microcirculation
  • Removes skin impurities & excess sebum
  • Reduces inflammation & redness
  • Hydrating & moisturizing

Use on face & body

Apply the soap on wet face or body (using sponge or hands), avoiding eye and lips area, massage gently. Rinse with warm water until all traces of the soap have been removed


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