Ziro | Early Harvest Organic Olive oil
Ziro | Early Harvest Organic Olive oil
Ziro | Early Harvest Organic Olive oil
Ziro | Early Harvest Organic Olive oil

Ziro | Early Harvest Organic Olive oil

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In the fertile plateau of Ziros in Sitia, in the region of Lassithi, at the northeastern tip of Crete and at an altitude of 600 meters, extend the olive groves of the Proestakis family. In an area of particular geophysical value – within the Sitia Geopark which is part of the UNESCO World Geoparks Network and a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for the production of olive oil – the olive trees of Koroneiki variety are cultivated following the strictest standards at all production stages and guided by respect for the natural environment. The family is committed to the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil, offering products of high nutritional value.

The harvest season begins in October when the fruit is still unripe and is carried out solely by mechanical means. The oil extraction is performed on the day of harvest following the cold pressed method in a cooperating two-phase olive mill. The olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under ideal temperature conditions to preserve its organoleptic properties and its duration over time.

Medium fruity aromas of nuts, herbs, tomato leaves, artichoke, banana and almond emerge while retaining a medium intensity of bitter and spicy flavour in the taste.

Acidity: 0.27


*Tip: Recipe Olive Oil Martini

Cocktail ingredients:
50ml gin
7ml dry vermouth
drops of bitter

Fill the shaker halfway with ice and add the gin and vermouth.
Stir lightly until the drink is chilled and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with 1-2 olives

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